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         by Prophet/Minister Paul McGinnis
An in depth look at the Vision in Ezekiel 47:1-12
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Video Trailer for "The Temple, A Prophet, and The River"

“When the river is always the same. When it’s always  predictable,
then open your eyes, you’re in a water park, not out in the wild!”

“Progressing to the deep water then, is  necessarily the result of our
own spirit’s rule over our flesh and our mind, will and emotions and
not the result of it’s negotiations and compromises with them.”

Ezekiel 47: 1-12 is a familiar passage of scripture that has been the
subject of countless sermons and Bible studies. In this book, the reader
will discover some of the prophetic treasures hidden in the meaning of
Hebrew words, letters, and numbers contained in this short vision by one
of the major prophets of the Old Testament.

Get insights on:
*   The significance of the 4 segments of 1000 cubits measured out. Each
   one, a Sabbath Day’s journey.
*   The significance of the geographical locations mentioned in the Vision
*   Dealing with fear is a “Knee Deep “ issue in our lives.
*   The 4 dimensional experience of Ezekiel’s vision
*   The Physics of “Spiritual buoyancy” and learning to function by faith in
the supernatural realm where natural laws of science and medicine can’t
control the outcome.
*  The correlation of Ezekiel’s vision and the latter rain prophesied in Joel 2.
*  Does Ezekiel’s Vision prophesy both the approximate time in history and
   location of Jesus’ crucifixion?

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