Eagles' Gate Prophetic Ministry
LOCATION:   3815 Academy Parkway South
Go west on Osuna from I-25 past Jefferson and Calvary Church
at the next Stop Light Academy Parkway Turn Right .  
The street will dead end in a parking lot.  Each BuildingUnit
has it's address at the top of the face of the building.  Our Unit
is # 3815 a couple of units to the right.
See Map Below

Eagles' Gate is a fundamental,  Charismatic, Spirit Filled body of Christians who are rooted in God's Word -
The Holy Bible.   We believe in the responsible, accountable functioning  of Apostles, Prophets, Pastors,
Teachers and Evangelists in the Body of Christ and in our ministry.   We provide for the expression of the
Gifts of the Holy Spirit (as defined in God's Word) during our worship services and ministry.  We welcome the
Presence of God, His Son Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit during our services.  Our worship services are not
scripted with a printed bulletin, but rather we make every effort to follow the leading of the Holy Spirit.  
Individuals are free during worship to lift their hands, dance before the Lord, clap their hands, kneel, sit and
stand.  Those attending Eagles' Gate services and who feel they have a prophetic word or word of knowledge
to speak to other individuals or to the congregation are asked to check with pastors Paul or Doris or others on
our leadership team before giving that word.  We are hungry for His Anointing and His Presence during
worship and throughout our meetings and personal lives.   

We  are available to minister prophetic - destiny words over you after our service
Individuals wanting this ministry will receive a cassette tape of the things
we speak over them at no charge.

We encourage the sick, those who are wheel chair bound, those with chronic illnesses, and injuries to
come and let us pray for you.  We believe God still heals today and even does creative miracles today.  
We would love to pray for you and believe with you for your healing.
Worship Services
Service Time
SUNDAY NIGHTS @  6:00 p.m.
Children, teenagers, and adults of all ages are welcome.