From the end of July 2005 through February 2006, Doris and I staked the 12 gates around the Albuquerque region at a distance of 85 miles from the I-25 and I-40 intersection along the major highways that crossed the 85 mile radius Circle.  The following is what we declared and decreed at each Gate we staked.


1.   Setting a boundary

2.   Setting a gate:


This staking will establish the Word of the Lord over the land within this 85 mile radius. As I speak this by the Spirit of God and by the Heart Beat of God SO SHALL IT BE: 



To repossess the Land for  the Lord and for the Glory of the Lord Jesus, our God.


To hear the Word of  the Lord.


To proclaim liberty to the captives, to work  signs and wonders and miracles.


To turn the hearts of the Parents to the Children and the hearts of the children to the Parents.


To expose the hiding places of satan.


To bring down strongholds of the enemy




I decree that within this 85 mile radius there shall be an open heaven for the Prophets and Prophetic ministers of God:


I decree that the Spirit of prophesy will prosper within this boundary.


I decree that God will be glorified and that the name of Jesus will be proclaimed before all peoples within this boundary.


I decree that God will establish a strong company of Prophets and Prophetic ministers within this perimeter who will impact the world for the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus.