Received by Paul McGinnis

Wednesday Morning September 1, 2004

Given Saturday Morning September 11, 2004 at a class/workshop for prophets and prophetic ministers at Capital Christian Church.


I believe the Lord showed me in my prayer time a Great Cloud of His Outpouring that fell upon and blanketed the Santa Fe, Los Alamos, Pojoaque, and Espanola area connecting them in Him and unifying the Body of Christ throughout this whole area in common passion for the lost and with uncommon fellowship among believers.


God will move Sovereignly in this region and do mighty works with signs and wonders through the company of prophetic ministers He is raising up in this hour.I believe He showed me previously some months ago that Santa Fe would be a hub of this gathering of prophetic ministers.He showed me that this company of His prophetic ministers - those who will know Him - His heart and the sound of His Voice - will tear down the strongholds of the enemy and bring deliverance to the captives.They will prophesy and make declarations about things that will change the course of events;and that will arrest and put into chains those spirit agents of the enemy of Godís people.


There is a stirring in Godís people of the north of this state.What has seemed impossible to them is now beginning to seem possible.The disappointments and frustrations that have caused My people - says the Lord - to loose hope will be replaced with the knowledge of Me and they shall become bold and courageous warriors who will no longer shrink back.For there is a mighty battle ahead and the faint hearted will not engage it, but those who know Me will arise and take on the fight.And I will stand with them in the day of battle and they shall overcome.I will teach them strategies of war for this region and My Strength shall be in them for this hour.


There is a shift in the authority structure of this region that I have decreed.I shall come in a mighty visitation to this area and though the enemy will resist - he cannot withstand Me nor My servants who know Me and serve Me.I will re-establish My Name here and bring this region into the destiny I have called her to.