Prophetic Word Given For Silver City and Reserve, NM

July 22, 2006


Prophet Paul

Silver City

The Lord is going to raise up a company of prophetic people in Silver City. And this company is going to become a very strong company of prophetic people and you are going to do some exploits that are going to come to the attention of the town of Silver City. And the Lord has shown me that He is even going to raise up and put into office (through the work of the intercessors and prophets that He is raising up in Silver City) Hes going to put into the office of Mayor (in Gods Timing) a Christian a strong Christian, Hes going to begin to change things in Silver City. Now I dont know whats been going on in Silver City but the Lord has shown me that theres some rules and regulations, theres some legislative mandates that the City Council has implemented that has caused difficulty and hardship on the people of Silver City. The Lord says, Im going to change those things. Im not going to put the Mayor in there by himself but Im also going to give him assistance in some councilors and theres going to be many business people in Silver City that will also come to the support of that Mayor so that he will be able to implement the Plan that I have for him to do.



The Lord showed me that Hes also going to raise up a prophetic people in the village of Reserve. In particular, the Lord is going to raise up two prophets out of that city that are going to become known because they move in notable signs, wonders and miracles. And there will be other prophetic people also but the Lord is going to raise up two in particular that have a particular mantle on them from the Lord so that they will move in notable signs and wonders and miracles. And what He showed me was that as He begins to speak to the prophets and prophetic people in Silver City Hes going to begin to give you (the prophets and prophetic people in Silver City) vision and direction to do exploits in the Lord and to begin to take territory for the Lord and to do things that, in many cases, have never been thought of before but people in Silver City have been waiting for someone to take the lead in that and Gods going to raise up a people to begin to do that. The Lord showed me that the two prophets in Reserve are going to be counselors to the prophetic people in Silver City. Many of these exploits that the prophetic people in Silver City are going to go on you will say we need to go get the prophets from Reserve to join with us so that we will know precisely what the Lord is saying in this.


I also saw, in the village of Reserve, a retreat facility for the prophets. I saw that its actually going to be a gathering place for the prophets to come prophets who know the Voice of the Lord, and they know the Heart of God - are going to find themselves coming to the Village of Reserve.





Prophetic Word over Silver City and Reserve

Prophetic Conference July 22, 2006

Albuquerque, New Mexico



Prophetess Doris

I also heard the Lord say that He was uprooting a governmental lineage that has been in place for hundreds of years. I saw him literally take that tree that had been planted and its roots were so far in the ground, the Lord said Hes going to send a mighty wind and that tree is going to fall as though it had just been planted yesterday. Hes going to raise those prophets and those men and women of God. Hes going to set them up in places of government and places of authority. And He says do not look at what is going on, but look to the heavens satan will come and try to deceive you and steal that vision from you. But know that that mighty wind is coming and its for a time and a place and it will happen.