Subtitle:  What will the New Sound Sound Like?

by prophet Paul McGinnis – Eagles’ Gate Prophetic Ministry

Albuquerque, New Mexico

June 23rd 2007


The following teaching was given to a company of prophetic ministers on June 23, 2007  at a gathering in Albuquerque, New Mexico



Many are talking about it.  I think many are expecting it to be a new instrument sound – maybe a combination of sounds in music.  The Lord has been speaking to me about this new sound as I have pondered what it might be – what it might sound like.  As a musician and having been a worship leader  for 18+ years in charismatic churches, it would be easy for me to link “sound” and “music” together and assume that is the sole venue the Lord will manifest this New Sound, but I believe the New Sound is something much more comprehensive than just music.


There is a phrase I learned, years ago, it has to do with the specific music sound that comes forth during a movement.  It’s called “the music of the movement”.  It refers to the music produced during a movement.  The movement does not spring forth from the music but the movement gives birth, so to speak to the music.  The music of the mid to late 60’s is a good example.  the summer of 1967 has been deemed “the summer of love”.   There was music that those who lived through that era recognize as being part of that “free love” movement.  The music under-girded the message of the movement.


So  if God is telling us that He’s beginning to pour out a new sound,  then I fully expect that that new sound will have a musical component to it.  I’m a little concerned, though that musicians and song writers will be going to God and “listening” for that new sound so they can be the first to record and copy write it.  Having their name associated with the New Sound may become the motive to “hearing” the new sound.  If that’s their motive, they are going to miss it.  Because the New Sound is not going to just be the music.  It’s not going to be somebody sitting down and waiting for God to download that sound while they’re sitting at the piano or holding the guitar.  It’s not going to happen in a great Holy Ghost meeting someplace with just the right combination of speakers and worship leaders ministering.  It’s not going to be at an international worship symposium somewhere.   God doesn’t need an earthly stage somewhere to bring this new sound. He has the heavens for His stage.  Remember the night of Jesus’ birth for example.


I haven’t read much of anything about what others are saying.  I’ve heard some people speculating on it.  Some of you have had the Lord speaking to you about it.  Let me share with you what the Lord has shown me so far. 


Let’s look at what the scripture has to say about the Sound of the Lord.  I want to do this because this new sound that’s coming – the sound that the Lord has said He is creating – must have it’s origin in God and it must have the DNA of Christ Jesus.  Can you say Amen?  In order for it to have the power and effect of the kingdom of God here on earth, it must be born of God.   For the scripture says that “the kingdom of God does not consist in talk, but in power” (1 Cor 4:20).  A “New Sound”  without power cannot originate with God.  If this new sound doesn’t have power, then it’s just another song destined to become another “moldy oldy” (a term from the 60’s).   It’ll find it’s way to some CD collection called  “The Best New Sounds of the past 200 years”.   One thing I believe God has shown me is that this New Sound is going to have a global impact.    There’s something “World Changing” about this New Sound.  The disciples turned a city upside down after the first coming of Jesus.  I believe the modern day disciples of the Lord are going to turn the World upside down before  His second coming.


So Let me say this again. The New Sound God is telling the Body of Christ through His Apostles and Prophets He’s bringing, must have it’s origin in God and it must have the DNA of Christ Jesus in order for it to have the power and effect of the Kingdom of God here on earth and for it to be truly of God.  It cannot be man generated or orchestrated (according to the will of man) if it’s truly of God.   It will involve believers and be manifested through us, but it’s origin and purposes will be from God.   Man’s agenda will not survive in this move of God.  Again, man’s agenda will not survive this move of God.  Those who try to implement their own agenda or control and manipulate God’s agenda, will suffer for it.  Worship leaders, musicians & singers who are on a quest to be the first to copyright the

New Sound, please repent and ask God for a pure heart.


Let me ask you a question God has asked me.   “Does it matter to you what the outpouring of His Spirit looks like or sounds like?”  If it’s God, does outrageous work for you?  If it’s God, can you survive a God Breathed onslaught against your own sensibilities or against what you think is “proper” and “in order”?  There’s a popular song that has a line “there’s a place where religion finally dies” (Fields of Grace by Darrell Evans).  Can you survive that place?    


We must hear the Sound of the Lord before we can make the Sound of the Lord.  Again, we must hear the Sound of the Lord before we can make the Sound of the Lord.  In prophetic ministry, we say that you have to hear the Word of the Lord before you can speak the Word of the Lord.  Jesus said in John 12: 49 & 50 that He only says what He hears the Father telling Him to say.  In John 5:19, He says; “He can do only what He sees His Father doing.”





So let’s look at how the scripture defines the Sound of the Lord.

The first occurrence of a significant word in scripture is important because it often establishes parameters for the meaning and use of that word in the rest of the scriptures.


Turn to Gen 3:8 and we’ll see how the word “sound  is first used in Bible.  It was in an account of God in the Garden of Eden.  It says “the man and his wife heard the Sound of the Lord  as He was walking in the garden in the cool of the day.”

            Let’s examine that a little:

                        Adam & Eve heard:    The Sound of the Lord ( as He was walking)


Does that mean they heard God stepping on twigs and snapping them or brushing against tree branches?  No, I don’t think so.  It seems to indicate that God Himself has a particular sound .  The scripture says they heard the “Sound of the Lord”.   If I ask you what is the sound of a freight train, can you hear it in your mind?  What about the sound of ocean waves breaking 100 feet from the shore? Can you hear it?  An ambulance on the way to the hospital.  The sound of a hard wind blowing when you are out away from everything? When you hear those sounds generated by the thing itself, you know what it is.

So when Adam and Eve heard the Sound of the Lord walking in the garden, they knew it was Him and not some animal of God’s creation.   So we can hear the Sound of the Lord and recognize it’s characteristics.


Now, would you agree that a person’s voice has a characteristic sound to it?  If I held up a picture of your mom or dad, many of you would immediately hear their voice saying something they always said to you growing up.  If I played three sound bites of three men preaching - one of which was Billy Graham, most or all of you would have no problem identifying which one was Billy Graham just by the sound of his voice.  Furthermore, when you heard his voice you’d see him in your mind or in your spirit.  Even though all you heard was his voice, you could see him in your spirit.


Now, turn to John 1:19 – 23.  Let’s read this passage.

In vs 23, John said; “I am the voice of one calling (or crying out) in the desert (or wilderness) make straight the way for the Lord.”   John said:  “I am the voice…”  He did not say “I have a voice” or “listen to my voice”, he said; “I am the voice…”  This is like saying, “when you see me, you are looking at “the voice of one calling out in the desert”

Jesus in Matt 11:14 said that John the Baptist was “the Elijah who was to come”. 


Now, turn to Revelation 1: 9 – 12  Let’s read this passage.

In vs 10 it says that John heard a loud voice behind him like a trumpet…

    vs 12 says he “turned to see the voice… “

(Now here is a passage that is for both the see-ers and the hear-ers)   Some mainly hear the voice of God, others mainly see a vision – see the voice of God - if you will –.  In the prophetic classes I teach, I’ve discovered through asking the question to my students, that about half of prophetic people “see”  a picture in their spirit from which, the Lord gives them a prophetic word for someone or group of people.   The other half will just “hear” the Lord speaking a word to them.   So what happens for you see-ers?  Those of you who are see-ers Don’t you see in your spirit a vision of something and in your spirit - as you are seeing - you are understanding what the voice of the Lord is saying.  Sometimes you hear Him speak the revelation to you of what you are seeing and sometimes you just know in your “knower” what - what you are seeing - means.  Isn’t that true?  So we see from the passages about John the Baptist and from this passage in Revelation, that God’s Voice has a characteristic sound to it but that it also has form and substance …. a body to it.


Now Look at Revelation chapter 1 and vs 15.  It says “His voice was like the sound of rushing waters.”  This voice – which also has a body - has the sound of rushing waters.


Look at Ezekiel 43:1-2  Ezekiel says he saw the Glory of  the God of Israel coming from the east.  His Voice was like the roar of rushing waters.  Just like in the Revelation passage.  But now look at Daniel 10:4-6  (let’s read it).  It says that Daniel saw a man dressed in linen (the pre-incarnate Jesus). In verse 6, it says that “His Voice was like the Sound of a Multitude.” 


So we have the imagery of the Voice of the Lord being like the sound of rushing waters and the sound of a multitude.  Is this two images or one?  Isaiah 17:12 & 13 speaks of the roaring of nations and peoples being like the roar of great waters and the roar of surging waters.  Revelation 17:15 interprets the “many waters” John was seeing in a different vision to be “peoples, multitudes, nations, and languages.”  So when God is speaking about many waters, He will often (perhaps always) be speaking of many people – a multitude.


So what God is saying about His Voice is that it is the sound of a great multitude of people.  His Voice has that sound now, and it had it in Old Testament Times.  His Voice has always had that sound.  Now those in Heaven hear that sound all the time.  Amen?   We believe that God is in the process of bringing more of His Kingdom that is in Heaven into position here on earth.  Amen?  Would it be strange to think that God is wanting to bring the Sound of His Voice, that is heard constantly in heaven, down to earth.

So John the Baptist (who was the prophet Elijah that was to come) was the voice of one calling in the wilderness.  The prophet Elijah that God is raising up in this last day before the return of Christ Jesus then (as Bishop Bill Hamon teaches) is a great multitude of prophets and prophetic ministers who move by the Spirit of God and who will raise up their voice as one man, so that there will be the sound of the great multitude that sounds like the roar of rushing waters.

Prophetic Word

And the Lord says that: “As you move as one body and as the multitude comes together as one, you will be the Voice of One that has the sound of a multitude.  And if you as a multitude allow Me to speak through you as you are walking along doing My Will, your voice will have the Sound of the Lord in it that will heal and deliver, destroy strongholds and bring salvation to those who will receive. 

You can say many things, but if your voice does not have the sound of the Lord in it…. when you prophesy over someone and you just “come up with something” - then there’s no power in it because there’s no sound of the Lord in your voice.  But if you accurately prophesy what the Lord has given you, then that person may not even know anything about God – may not know anything about the Sound of the Lord, but their spirit man will hear the Sound of the Lord.  And that sound has power because it comes from the Lord.  And when the world sees you, they will see the Sound of My Voice, says the Lord.  And it will be a new sound I Am bringing on the earth says the Lord,  And as My Word says (John 5:25) “the dead will hear the Voice of the Son of God and those who hear will live.”  For the Lord says “I alone am God and there is none besides Me.  I am the Alpha and Omega, the Beginning and the End.”